Report "Debt of counterparties with calculation of dates of occurrence of indebtedness"

Отчет предназначен для расчета количества дней отклонения задолженности относительно дат возникновения задолженности, которые рассчитываются по каждой отгрузке номенклатуры. Количество дней отсрочки платежа задается в договоре контрагента или в заказе покупателя.

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Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Report "Debt of counterparties with calculation of dates of occurrence of indebtedness"
UAH 2 500
Full description

The report is intended for calculating the number of days for deviation of the debt relative to the dates of arrears, which are calculated for each shipment of the nomenclature.

The number of days of deferred payment is specified in the contract of the counterparty or in the order of the buyer.
 In this report, the following indicators are calculated:
  • the date on which the debt arises;
  • the final repayment period;
  • deviation on the amount of debt ;
  • % deviation on the amount of debt;
  • the number of days for the rejection of the debt;
  • % the number of days for rejecting a debt.

Отчет «Задолженность контрагентов с расчетом дат возникновения задолженности»

Fig. 1. The main form of the report.

The report is formed with grouping by counterparties, contracts of counterparties, transactions and dates of arrears. The grouping sequence is hard-coded and it is not allowed to change it.

On the "Additional fields" tab, you can specify additional fields for output to the report - any requisite of the above groupings, for example: the main counterparty manager, the counterparty group, the order type of the buyer's order (cash/non-cash) and any other grouping requisites.

On the "Indicators" tab, you can specify the indicators that you want to display in the report, the list of indicators listed above or displayed in Figure 1.

On the selection tab, you can set selections by grouping values, the standard selection selection mechanism. It is possible to add any selections.

On the tab "Selection according to the calculated indicators", selections are made for the calculated indicators, for example: the number of days of debt deflection, the final repayment period, and other.

This report is an alternative to the standard report "Interpretation receivable", which does not calculate the date of origination of arrears, but determines the existence of debt on each of the boundaries in the selected interval of the report.

For which configurations are suitable:

  • Management of a trading enterprise;

  • Manufacturing enterprise management;

  • Trade management, edition 2.3.

Cost of work: 2500 UAH.

Developer: NCT


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