Integration of "1С:Підприємство" with "Comarch EDI" for "1С:Enterprise" configurations on managed forms

Интеграция "1С:Підприємство" с «Comarch EDI» со следующими возможностями:

  • Загрузка с «Комарч EDI»;
    • Загрузка заказов от сетей - файл ORDER;
  • Выгрузка в «Комарч EDI»;
    • Выгрузка подтверждений заказов - файл ORDRSP;
    • Выгрузка расходных накладных - файл DESADV;
    • Выгрузка каталога товаров и данных о его наличии – файл PRICAT.
  • Выгрузка серийных номеров - файл "Quotation", для Розетки (
  • Выгрузка товарной накладной - файл "DELNOT", для Розетки (

Industry ATP, transport management  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Service station, car service, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Category Additional settings  Controlled forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade Management3  Management of a small company  
Integration of "1С:Підприємство" with "Comarch EDI" for "1С:Enterprise" configurations on managed forms
UAH 3 000
Full description

Integration of "1С:Підприємство" with "Comarch EDI" with the following features:

  • Download from Comarch EDI;
    • Load orders from networks - ORDER file;
  • Upload to Comarch EDI;
    • Uploading Order Confirmations - ORDRSP;
    • Downloading invoice upload - file DESADV;
    • Downloading the product catalog and its availability data - PRICAT file.
  • Unloading serial numbers - file "Quotation", for the Rozetka (
  • Unloading of the consignment note - file "DELNOT", for the Rozetka (

Which networks work

The solution works and is debugged at work with networks:

  • "ROZETKA";


  • "FORA";

  • "SILPO".
For other networks, download of orders from buyers, upload also needs to work, it is necessary to check if not, then the structure of the uploaded files is easily and quickly adjusted.

Customers' orders with Comarch EDI fall into "1С:Підприємство" automatically. In fig. 1 shows a fragment of the magazine "Buyer's Orders", where the orders received from "EDI" are marked with the corresponding icon.

Fig. 1. The Purchase Orders magazine, with loaded orders from EDI.

When loading orders from Comarch EDI, the counterparty, as well as the nomenclature, is automatically determined. In addition, a task is being made to the responsible manager or sales manager for the receipt of new orders with EDI.

More about functionality

Fig.2. Added "EDI" button on the top of the "Purchase Orders" document log bar to open EDI processing form.

Fig.3. Form of processing. Filling in the initial settings on the Settings tab.

Fig.4. On the "Download" tab of the processing form, there is a button "Download ORDER and create a Buyer's Order" for automatic download and create documents ordering the buyer.

Fig. 5. Filling contractor (buyer) with GLN code.

Fig. 6. Setting correspondence of the loaded nomenclature with the nomenclature in "1С:Підприємство".

Fig.7. Purchase Order Log, tagging that the buyer's order is received from EDI.

Fig.8. Purchase Order Log, Ordrsp Document Creation. Document Ordrsp - confirmation of the order of the buyer.

Fig.9. Ordrsp document form.

Fig.10. Purchase Order Log, tag that the buyer's order is confirmed and sent to EDI.

Fig.11. The Journal of Consignment Note, Note that the Consignment Note is created on the basis of the document, the order of the buyer received from EDI.

Fig.12. Consolidated billing journal, creating a Desadv document. Document Desadv - confirmation of shipment of goods.

Fig.13. Desadv document form.

Fig.14. The journal of expenditure invoices, a note that confirmed the shipment of goods to EDI.

Fig.15. Processing form, creating a PRICAT document. PRICAT Document - Product Catalog.

Fig.16. Processing form, uploading documents to EDI.

Fig.17. Processing form, on the tab "Counterparty correspondence" you can add, change or view data on counterparties.

Fig.18. The processing form, on the "Item Compliance" tab, you can add, change or view data on the item.

Fig.19. The processing form, on the tab "Matching directories of upload files", configures the paths for saving downloaded files.

It can be integrated into configurations on managed forms "1С:Підприємство":

  • Trade management, edition 3.1;
  • Management of a small firm, edition 1.6.

Solution cost, UAH.

  1.   Integration module "1C:Підприємство" with "Comarch EDI" (we provide instructions
 users and administrator to fill in the initial settings for getting started
 use module)
  2.  Work on integration into the customer’s configuration (5 hours, if the basic configuration
 customer is one of the typical configurations listed above):
 - 2 hours: put settings in customer configuration
 - 3 hours: connecting settings
  3.  Turnkey connection. Setting up the exchange of the accounting system with Comarch EDI.
 Advice on use, if you need help updating your work
 database configurations and oral consultations on the module, minimum time: 1 hour.
 We credit to the deposit and write off further as consultations are provided.
   Total:   7200

Integration time 2 days

This solution is a modernized solution provided by Comarch EDI for free.

Developer: NCT Company


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