Company group. Activity: Production and sale of personal protective equipment

Решенные задачи в рамках проекта:

Конфигурация: "Управління торговим підприємством (УТП)".

Industry Production  Wholesale  
Category Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  СRМ 1.4 from Rarus  
Full description

Solved problems within the project:

  • Implementation configuration "CRM 1.4 from Rarus":

  • Setting up business operations schemes for a group of companies with branches in different cities:

    • corporate (example: the expenditure invoice with this scheme in financial accounting works, as usual, and in management, as a transfer document);
    • non-compliance of financial and operational accounting for amounts by quantity (example: in the incoming invoice, where the option of this scheme is chosen, you can specify separately the amount and amount of financial and management accounting separately).  
    • Automation of customer promotion processes.

    • Accounting of inventory in branches, organization of operational deliveries (consolidator workplace at the branch and logistician workplace at the central office);
    • Set up accounting of tender contracts, specification of tender contracts;
    • Set up to account for deviations from the limits and the accrual of sanctions.

  • Setpermissions access at record level:
    • There are several organizations working in the common base, the data for each of the organizations is accessible only to their organizations or other necessary data. All necessary information is available at the central office to manage a group of companies.

    • a production accounting subsystem has been set up.

Configuration: "Trade enterprise management (TME)" + "CPM 1.4 from the company "Rarus"".

Number of users in "1C:Підприємство": 60

Company "NCT"

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